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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Family Farming

If you have been following my husband's blog, you have seen that we had two new calves born on the farm. You can read more of the details on thebeginningfarmer, but to give you the short of it, it wasn't the ideal situation. With 1 foot of snow on the ground, this wouldn't have been the time of year we would have picked for calving. You take what you get though, when you find a good deal on cows. Next year we will do our best to have calving in the spring - unless our bull gets out to where he shouldn't be at the wrong time!

Since the cows are at my father-in-laws, we made a trip on Thursday to see the calves and to help out a bit. It was a cold day, so the kids stayed inside while we worked with the new additions. It was quite a busy day, so when we got done outside, we bundled up the kids, loaded them into the truck, and started back for home. After we had started off, Caleb announced that we forgot to show him the calves.

Now, we hadn't gotten very far, but when you have already loaded up two bundled up kids in car seats, have over an hour to drive, and need to get home to finish up things with deadlines, turning around and unloading kids to tromp through a foot of snow and then reloading them into the truck does not sound like fun. We asked Caleb if it would be okay if we just showed him the pictures. Caleb agreed, Ethan and I looked at each other, and then we turned around.

Ethan and I decided that when we started this farming adventure less than a year ago, that we were going to include our kids in it. Not just include them as extra hands, but really include them. One of the things that we think contributes to kids wanting to get away from the farm is too much of the work and not enough of the rewards - whether it's monetary rewards, rewards of ownership, or the reward of just going to look at and talk about new born calves.

So out of the truck came Caleb and Hannah, through the foot of snow we carried them, and into the shelter we peeked. It was definitely worth the time.


QuiltedSimple said...

How cute the calf is!!! I'm sure your kids enjoyed meeting the new addition so soon. Yes, kids enjoy farming if it is "fun" - ours do as well at 8 & almost 5. In fact, our cows are due anywhere from now til middle of march, and the kids are already fighting over whose going to win - more boys or more girls!! Nice looking calves - I'll be anxious to see more pictures as you get more calves.

farm mama said...

Good for you for turning around and going back! It is so important that children be encouraged to take ownership of the family activities. I was raised on a farm (second oldest of eight children) and I was responsible for helping my dad milk morning and night starting when I was seven years old. I also helped him feed the animals, castrate and dock the lambs tails, assist with problem births with the cows and sheep (when I was a bit older). I felt very valued, and was, not because my parents set out with that in mind, but because my help was vitally needed. I really think that is a lot of the reason why I have always wanted to get back into the farming life. I never was able to, but now I can help my daughter and her family as they start up a sustainable farm. I just assisted with the birth of quadruplet goats yesterday. (She is Deconstructing Venus, and may have visited your or your husband's blog.)

Anonymous said...

I think I stared for days at the first Dexter calf born here. He was so small and cute, pitch black and absolutely amazing. Congratulations on your new additions!

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