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Friday, December 28, 2007

Hats for Christmas

This year I wanted to give something to Ethan and the kids that would reflect our desire to do farming together as a family. Since I tend to lean to the practical side of life, I decided to get everyone hats to farm in and to keep the sun off. Ethan and Caleb got a straw hat, and Hannah got a little bonnet.

I grew up by an Amish settlement(a different one from where our cows are located), and had my mom pick up these hats from there. One thing that is interesting about the Amish, is that they use their hats to help distinguish which settlement they are from. Some of my father-in-law's Amish friends know some of the Buchanan county Amish. I wonder what they will think about our new hats. :)


Yeoman said...

FWIW, the USDA has directly attributed the rise in skin cancer in farmers to a decline in wearing broad brimmed hats. They attribute that to the free feed store hat.

Out here, in the very sunny region, we still wear felt cowboy hats, and keep our sleeves rolled down all summer.

(Hope you don't mind the comment, I surfed in because of The Beginning Farmer blog).

The Beginning Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks for dropping by. I recognize you from reading your comments on my husband's blog.

My grandpa was a farmer who ended up with skin cancer. Back when, he would always be on a tractor without a cab or canopy. He was never a wide brimmed hat wearer either from what I know.

My hubby burns VERY easily(as well as my son), and he doesn't like the feel of sunscreen going on either. I thought that if he skips the sunscreen one day he will at least wear a cool farmer looking hat. :)

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