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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Baking

When I was a senior in high school, I made 20 different kinds of Christmas cookies to give out.

This year I have scaled it back a bit. All I have made so far is gingerbread cookies, although I think my husband will want to make some snickerdoodles together.

I was going to give out my gingerbread cookies to our neighbors and some friends. One problem . . . I ate them all. Yup. All of them. Ethan doesn't care for them. Caleb and Hannah maybe had 3. So I guess I consumed the rest.

Let's see . . . the gingerbread recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups of shortening, 2 cups of sugar, and 1 cup of molasses. Thankfully, I only make these things at Christmas!

I do have a good excuse though. I have had multiple viruses the last month, including 3 separate cases of the flu. All of this has caused me to lose some weight that I was trying to keep on. Good thing for gingerbread.

So after I saw that all of my gifts were gone, I made another batch last night. I think I need to deliver them tomorrow, because they are quickly disappearing as well!(Just in case you were wondering - these aren't the ones I made!)


Cara said...

You shouldn't have told us you didn't make those...I was totally impressed for a few seconds!

Reflections. said...

I'll have to second Cara's comment. I was very impressed with those as well. :)

Sarah said...

Yum! I love gingerbread too - we made some this past weekend and, as my husband is trying to do low-carb during the week, they are just sitting there, waiting for me to eat them! I was going to send some to work with him, but I don't think there are quite enough any more! :)


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