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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Keeping Hands Busy

Last week the house kind of fell apart as my poison ivy blisters got somewhat out of control. My left hand became useless. It was so blistered and swollen that I couldn't even move my fingers. I wrapped it in towels to keep it from being painfully bumped against something. I just did the basics as the week went on - making food and changing diapers. I even switched from cloth diapers to disposable so I wouldn't have to mess with laundry.

Because the house was starting to become quite a mess, I sought ways to keep the kids busy. They are great at picking up their toys, but I was afraid the toys would get lost in the rest of the mess.

One of the things that I came up with to keep them busy was to have them help me with my compost. Our tub outside the door was needing some carbon (browns). I had been adding quite a bit of nitrogen (greens) with our kitchen scraps and things were becoming a bit off balance. I could tell by the fruit flies that had turned the compost tub into the neighborhood hangout. So I pulled out our old newspapers and let the kids shred away as I got supper ready. They had a blast, and now our fruit fly problems are taken care of.

As for my poison ivy, I finally got some steroid pills to take for my blisters and swelling from the emergency room over the weekend. I know what you are thinking. "You went to the emergency room for poison ivy blisters?" Well, I actually went in for the blood poisoning I got through my poison ivy blisters - revealed by the 18 inch red streak that was crawling and branching up my arm. After I got an antibiotic shot and antibiotic pills for that, they decided maybe I should have something for my poison ivy too. I am much relieved to say that all the meds seem to be working and, now both of my hands can be busy again.


sugarcreekfarm said...

What an ordeal! I've never had a run-in with poison ivy. Sounds nasty! Glad you're on the mend.

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Oh my gracious -- I didn't know you had poison ivy. I'm so sorry.

This summer I got poison ivy -- while weed eating in the timber -- I was trying to be a good mom and make a neato path through the timber for my kiddos. ::sigh:: Now I'm very cautious about the timber.

I too finally ended up using a steroid. I had it in the summer and it spreads when you sweat... oh my does it spread...

BUT -- I learned something again... BROWNS... never new you needed to balance the two. I usually keep my compost in a smallish bucket in the kitchen and dump it daily outside... but you know how it goes -- I forget... FRUIT FLIES!! So I may try some experimenting this week with BROWNS.

THANKS!! Great post!!

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