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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Easter 2013!

We are patiently awaiting spring here. It is almost the end of March, and we still have snow on the ground - the last batch coming just this past Sunday.  Today Ethan had to take another trip to the woods for more wood (an important thing when you don't have a furnace!)

Even though it doesn't feel like spring, the animals know it's coming though.  Our chickens have kicked into Easter Egg mode, hiding their eggs all across the farm in an effort to steal a nest and hatch some chicks.  It is fun for awhile.  The key word, awhile.  I will admit that it is also kind of fun too when I don't find a nest, and momma hen proudly appears later with a batch full of trailing chicks. 

Since Easter is this Sunday, I thought I would share spring's Easter Egg hunt at Crooked Gap Farm. :)
Behind the roll of wire

On top of the feed wagon

Between some tin

Over the sow, on a straw bale

In the hay stack

In the feed trough

Outside, between a board and our brooding building

And all washed up!


off grid mama said...

LOL I know your pain!

Nance said...

this last photo should be saved, enlarged, laminated, engraved . . . and sold for art. Love it!

Vera said...

Nice to know that someone else has hens laying all over the place! But do you also have to get them picked up before the dogs or crows or magpies find them first, as what happens here at Labartere. Love reading about your efforts at farming, a lot of what I read reflects on our experiences as well. Am at this very moment listening to your husband's radio show!

The Beginning Farmer's Wife said...

Vera- I'm glad you are enjoying Ethan's show. :) We do have an egg eating dog, but she hasn't found these spots yet - no magpies though.

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