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Sunday, June 24, 2012

De-Beeing our New Shed

Earlier this spring we brought in a new building to our farm. We are going to fix it up and put it to use soon - but first we had to get out the bees!  Our friend who keeps some hives on our farm helped us with this, and he got a new hive.

The tiny opening where they were going in 

Setting up the "Bee Vac"

Getting some of the bees from the outside first

Time to move inside.  There entrance was right under where the sunlight was coming in.

Corner board removed.  Except those aren't honey bees, but bumble bees!

Removing the bumble bees

There are the honey bees!
A peek inside

A better peek inside 

Collecting the bees

A shot downward after many bees had been captured
Bees in their box, ready to be relocated.

I had to leave for the last part, but the comb was removed - the honey was not dry enough to be used so it will be given to the bees who will take it into their new hive.  And now our building is ready to be worked on!


Jamie said...

Very neat. Have you thought about raising bees on the farm? I've often wondered if I could get over my fear of them enough to do it. :)

Neal and Laura said...

very cool! We're actually having wasp problems in our own shed. Yikes. Did anyone get stung?

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