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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Great Egg Hunt

Since we just had Easter, I figured this would be an appropriate time to put a post on about my Great Egg Hunt.  It is kind of like an Easter egg hunt each day, although these eggs aren't filled with candy.  I guess I could say they are filled with something even better though - a rich golden yolk bursting with Omega 3's and lots of other nutrients.

Our hens are more then just pastured poultry.  They are what I like to call "Run of the Farm" chickens since they have, well, the run of the farm! (Including my garden and flower bed - but that is a price you have to pay.)  All day long they run where ever they want chasing bugs and searching out the best forages of the day.  Because of this, their eggs are incredible!  But because of this, the eggs are also a little hard to find at times too! Especially in the spring when they want to steal a nest and hatch out chicks. 

These ladies are taking a moment to scratch through our oat straw to find some oats.
So the Great Egg Hunt begins (or continues each day). Here are some of my stops.
The main nest box.  This is where the not so adventurous hens go.
Another nest box in the shed . . .
A tub in the shed - This has been the longest running stolen nest, although it has cycled through which hen is using it.
I recently found this spot in the corner of the shed, only because of a couple eggs which had rolled out through the bottom and into the grass on the other side.
Ahh, yes.  The manure spreader!  Another popular spot.
The lawn cart will do for some hens.
Two stolen nests together in the livestock trailer which currently houses the pig feed.  These hens are going easy on me.

Ethan found this one last night, right smack on top of a straw bale.
Although a nest box, it is outside attached to our chicken tractor which is not currently in use.  I threw some straw in it though to try and catch the hens who wanted to hide their eggs outside.  Tricked a few!
And this little lady in the dog cage, she will get to keep her eggs.  She is broody and is sitting on a clutch I gave her.  I will keep her shut up inside, safe from predators, (with plenty of food and water of course) until her chicks hatch.

Although not pictured, I was finding them in a hog hut for awhile too.  I'm sure there are a few piles of eggs I haven't found yet also. These chickens are persistent.  They really want to hatch out a clutch so they often will find a new spot to hide their eggs. And so the Great Egg Hunt will continue on!


Shana Johnson said...

I can relate! We have the same "crafty" egg hiding going on here too!

GlassAbattoir said...

That's fantastic! I look forward to the day we can let our chickens run free and have our own daily egg hunts!

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Great photo essay ! We keep our chickens locked in a big chicken yard all winter and then let them run March-Nov. They still go to their main chicken house to roost every night so MOST of our eggs are easy to find. The ones that do get laid in the barn go to the pigs as I am not as motivated as you to check the barn and outdoor areas as you are. With the pigs getting the barn eggs...we end up benefitting in the long run. Just one step closer to bacon and eggs for breakfast. :)

Anonymous said...

enjoy reading your blog, so many thing happen everyday. :D


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