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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Projects

Each year I like to make something for the kids for Christmas. As I was looking at the photos of last year's projects (one is similar to what I'm doing this year), I remembered I started a post last year that I never published. So here it is. I will admit, I wish I could have made as many gifts this year, but since tomorrow is Christmas Eve, I will be happy to just get done what I have planned for my kiddos. I'm close! Now back to work!!

This Christmas (2009) I wanted to make some gifts, but with watching spending and with fabric stores 45 minutes away (Walmart no longer has fabric) I decided I would have to do it from the fabric on hand. Making gifts is sometimes tricky for me - trying to think of something that someone will appreciate and that matches who they are. Right now my main "homemade" skill is sewing, but hopefully I'll pick up some more skills down the road.

Here's what I made:
This is a Tic Tac Toss game for our son, Caleb. (5 yrs old in 2009)

A bib for our son Isaac. (Just turned 1 in 2009)

A blankie and pillow to go with our daughter, Hannah's, baby doll. (Just turned 4 in 2009)

"Grandma's Memory Gameboard/Placemat" This was for my mom. I made it out of scraps from my grandma's (my mom's mom) fabric stash. Memories for her of her mom and for her to make memories with her grandkids. The spring side: My grandma always had a cheery flower bed in the spring and summer.

The fall side: This is the other side of the placemat. My grandma's kitchen was deep browns and yellow.

A gardening apron for my mom. This was actually for her birthday, which is right before Christmas.

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Linds said...

Beautiful projects!

What did you make the x's and o's out of? I made one of these but I'm not happy with the x's and o's we have.

Merry Christmas!

Emma Rittgers said...

These turned out really cute! I am impressed that you had time to do all this.

The Beginning Farmer's Wife said...

I actually bought the x's and o's at hobby lobby when there wooden items were half off. :)

Steven Romero said...

Just a suggestion - you should post that stuff on etsy, craiglist, etc., and try to find a local botique that will carry those little quilts and bibs you make. You can get really good money for them. I have a friend in Austin Texas who started up a little business selling baby bibs out of old material from clothes her and her husband no longer wear. Once people caught on to what she was doing they gave her gads of material to work with for free - people are always trying to get rid of old clothes you know.

Anyway, just a suggestion.

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