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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fall Cleanup

If you have noticed that Ethan and I continue to be strangers a bit on our blogs, it is because we are working hard to knock off our to do list before winter. Right now we are in "priorities first" mode, because it just isn't going to be possible to get the list completed. Thankfully, we have some extra help though.

Our calves and heifers have been a bit of help over the last few weeks. They get to wander freely around our yard, and we have put up an electric wire across our drive to keep them on our property. (The heifers are separate from the rest of the herd, and the calves can still walk under the single wire fence.) They spend most of their days now mowing our yard, eating down the sweet corn stalks, and eating up our corn stalk decorations from our front porch. (Which is okay because now I don't have to take them down.) Just watch your step if you are in our yard. :)

This year Caleb grew our gourds, and boy did he have a bountiful harvest! We didn't even get get around to harvesting them all. Since they are in the garden for next year, however, they do have to be taken care of. This week we finally figured out what to do with them, and Caleb and Hannah have been tossing them to the pigs who are more than happy to help us with the job.

Today is going to be a beautiful day, temperatures in the 70's, so we are going to continue trying to get this place ready for the snow to fly!


J. Towns said...

Oh Becca. I just found you by accident while looking for pasture rehab advice. You guys are living my dream (and my husband) but we want to do a program with youth and horses to bring Jesus' healing and love to the lives of disadvantaged kids. I've never responded to a blog before but I might be hooked! I too am a stay at home Mom blessed in MANY ways! May God continue to guide and supply you! J. Towns

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Becca, we too have used our front yard for pasture off and on over the years. You and I will never win "yard of the month" awards but the grass is the greenest ever !

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