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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Time for T-Bones

This morning I posted about rounding up our bull, cows, and calves and finally getting an electric fence up so the bull can be in the grass that he has so desperately wanted to be in.

Well, this afternoon I couldn't believe what I saw.

There was our bull

Not in the fenced in grass

But in the dirt cow pen


I was a little worried about bloat so I went over to him. He hopped right up. He just wanted to chill out in the cow pen.

I couldn't believe it.


Deborah said...

I just brought home two dexter heifers tomorrow and found your blog through Five Pond Farm's website. After reading about your experiences with the bull, I can see that we have a lot of fencing to change before we get our bull. Good luck!

Deborah said...

I meant yesterday. I brought the heifers home yesterday. I should go to bed. (I wish Blogger would let you edit your comments.)

Heaven Scent Farms said...

Are Dexters naughtier than other cattle? Here in Tn there are fields with only one hot wire and the cows never test the fence? What is up with that?

The Beginning Farmer's Wife said...

Heaven Scent Farms-
Actually, Dexters are quite a docile breed. They do have different personalities though, some more naughty than others. The difference is actually in the fence. The cow fence we had up was not electric. It also wasn't built for bulls, which are a bit more rambunctious than cows. With electric fence, the difference comes with the charge. You can have 4 wires that are poorly charged that won't keep a cow in or 1 wire that will knock a grown man to the ground that can keep a cow in. They will test it and learn quickly if they can touch it or not.

One thing we have obviously learned is that a little extra time and money building a good fence can save you a lot of time and money down the road. Enjoy your dexters!

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