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Sunday, September 2, 2007

But You Live in Town . . .

Some of you may wonder why Ethan and I have blogs where we refer to ourselves as farmers - while we live in town. It is our hope to someday live in the country and have enough land where we can do some farming. Not conventional farming like most people think of, but alternative farming. (No, we have not turned into hippies!) Some people say it can't be done while others encourage us as they are doing it. And here we sit in town.

But I believe that farming starts with a mindset so we are using this time to develop that mindset and do as much experimenting and learning as possible from within city limits. This blog will have posts about things we are doing, learning, and hoping for. I will also talk about things that I am doing to help us reach the goal of owning land in the country while still having me be able to stay at home with the kids.

I hope you enjoy reading about our journey. Be sure to check out Ethan's blog, "The Beginning Farmer", too. (Click on the link found on the right of this page.)

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Blue State Cowgirl said...

Good luck on your journey! We're heading that way too.

Check out our blog at

Kelly said...

I just looked through most of your blogs, and i am SO glad that i stumbled upon this... I was looking for a recipe for canning beans, and when i saw that you guys have a farm, i got hooked! my hubby and i are aspiring farmers, although right now we live in a house that we rent in the suburbs. we don't want to move way into the country, but want to have enough land to be able to raise horses, dairy cows, chickens, maybe some sheep and goats, and plant about a 2 acre garden. i am very interested to know how you went about this adventure, what stuggles and obstacles you had along the way, and what your backgrounds are. we have no one in our families who farm, so we are really forerunners in this area ;) too bad we are so far away... it would be nice to visit a real alternative farm (just what we want), but we live in GA!

Shawna Bates said...

I was directed to your blog through a yahoo group. Someone sent a link to your blog to tell somoeone how to can beans.
I ended up looking through your whole blog! It's very awesome!
You've done a great job keep it up.
Happy Farming!
Shawna (michigan)

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